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Guns At War - (iphone game)

You are a Warrior. Standing alone in front of enemy hordes. Your only ally is Your cleverness, reflex and power of weapon that You hold in Your hands. Fight goes on! Your objective is to survive, complete mission and kill all of your foes. Experience extreme and intense Action, tons of enemies, obstacles and mine traps. Shoot your way through swarm of enemies and proove your courage to become Ultimate Soldier in Guns of War!

Game includes:
*Beautiful 2d graphics
*Extreme, heart pumping gameplay
*Good oldschool climate ;) *Tons of enemies, explosions, killing and fun :)
*15 long and not easy to deal with missions
*12 types of weapons: from pistols trough rifles to minigun and bazooka
*Lots of deadly ammunition to choose
*11 uniqe bosses at the end of missions
*Amazing particle effects
*3 game difficulties, unlock all !
*Destroyable enviroment (ex. buldings, walls, trees)

Best Regards Your Game Development Team

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